Supported by competence, experience and learning processes for more than 128 years, we are here as part of the struggle, in saving and improving the quality of human life, playing an important role in building the nation's health, so that its existence is maintained from time to time. With the philosophy of "Dedicated to Improve Quality of Life" we are ready to dedicate our hard work to global health security, so that through Biotech for a Better Future provides solutions for global prosperity.

Corporate Culture

      Governance practices in accordance with the policies and laws and regulations have been embedded in the attitudes, behavior, mindset, and workings of each Bio Farma workforce which is reflected in the Company's culture of professional , integrity, team work, innovation, and customer-oriented.


Logo Transformation

Corporate Identity

       Bio Farma's distinctive batik is specially designed by the house of Batik Komar, depicting living things consisting of one or several cell collections as raw material in making vaccines or anti-sera. The design of batik in the form of viruses, bacteria, amoeba, communicates messages about aspects of biodiversity while encapsulating the value of professionalism from a biotechnology and life-science company. Every batik icon has a corporate philosophical value "Dedicated to Improve Quality of Life"

Management Policy System

  1. High Quality Products
  2. Environment-Friendly Products
  3. Global Competitiveness
  4. Customer Satisfaction
  5. Continual Improvement
  6. Environmental protection
  7. Prevention of Injury and Ill-health
  8. Conservation of Energy and Natural Resources
  9. Good Corporate Governance
  10. Comply with Regulations and Other Requirements

Our Achievement

  1. Award from the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM), for its active role in innovating for domestic drug development in Jakarta, 11/02/2015.
  2. 2015 Proper Gold Award on November 23rd, 2015 from the Ministry of Environment
  3. 2015 GCG Implementation Assessment Award from West Java BPKP.


President Director

Bio Farma's leadership committee made Bio Farma increasingly focused as the leading vaccine provider.

"We act as a national fortress for vaccine products, creating national security for biological products and Indonesian vaccine self-reliance."


        Bio Farma is one of about 29 vaccine manufacturers / 22 countries in the world that have obtained World Health Organization (WHO) Prequalification so it is trusted to meet vaccine needs in more than 130 countries. Cooperating with global-scale international networks, research institutions, regional-level professional organizations as well as multinational companies, Bio Farma actively pursues the health of the world community, both directly by providing vaccines, technology transfer, companies and governments that produce health policies that are more beneficial to the community.

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Bio Farma's GCG Practices

      Bio Farma's long journey for more than 128 years in building its reputation has enabled the Company to maintain and uphold the values of integrity and to apply the principles of good corporate governance as the main foundation in each of its business activities.