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Cold Chain System

     The cold-chain system is a necessity to maintain vaccine temperature stability - ensuring its effectiveness, safety, efficacy, and quality, which in turn provides its recipients with satisfactory protection against various infectious diseases.

        Vaccine is a biotechnological product requiring careful handling in its distribution. The cold-chain system is system of distribution where vaccines are temperature-controlled since its dispatch from the plant, during distribution, in storage at destination,and before use.

Vaccines against BCG, DTP, TT, DT, Td, DTP-HB-Hib, measles, Hepatitis B, and influenza are temperaturecontrolled between 2 - 8°C while polio vaccines are temperature-controlled at -20°C.

Distribusi Vaksin Sektor




Vaccines are pharmaceutical products that could not be sold freely, for domestic vaccines. Bio Farma uses distribution channels for the public and private sectors. Vaccines for the public sector are sent directly through the provincial health office. Vaccines for the private sector are distributed through Pharmaceutical Wholesalers (PBF) who are registered with the POM agency. The names of Bio Farma's product distributors (PBF) as follows.

Logo Sagi CApri

Jl. Mangga Besar Raya No.70 KP. 11150

  • 021 – 6293952 – 6292309
  • 6394300
  • sagi.capri@yahoo.com
Logo merapi_utama_pharma_pt

Jl. Cilosari No. 25 Cikini JAKARTA PUSAT 10330

  • 021 – 3141906 – 3914870
  • 021 – 3905820 – 3918329
  • edwin@merapi.net
logo indofarma_global_medika_igm

Jl. Sariharjo No. 45 JAKARTA SELATAN – 12850

  • 021 – 83781166
  • 021 – 83785432, 83796543
  • dmartiyoso@igm.co.id

Gedung RNI, Jl. Denpasar Raya Kav. D. III Kuningan JAKARTA 12950

  • 021 -2523820
  • 021 – 52914248/99/89
  • gufron@nusindo.co.id
logo ppi

Wisma ITC Jl. Abdul Muis No. 8 Jakarta -10160 

  • 021 – 3862141, 3862142, 3862148
  • 021 – 3862143/44/49/47, 3863156
  • nurchaireni87@gmail.com


Bio Farma's Contribution in the World

     For more than 128 years, Bio Farma has contributed to improving the quality of life of the nation in Indonesia and the world. We have met the needs of national vaccines and world vaccine needs through WHO and UNICEF.

      With the Dedicated to Improve Quality of Life philosophy, we play an active role in increasing the availability and independence of vaccine production in developing and Islamic countries to maintain global health security.

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