Bio Farma signed a Business Development MOU with RNI

By biofarma

Thursday, March 1, 2018, Bio Farma and RNI signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) in the framework of developing the business of manufacturing vials and ampoules.

Bio Farma was represented by the President Director, Rahman Rustan, and from RNI represented by the President Director, Diediek Prasetyo, and witnessed by Desti Arlaini, representing Deputy of Industry Agro and Pharmaceutical 1, ministry of State Owned Enterprise.

Rahman conveyed in his speech “This MoU is a synergy of two SOEs in encouraging national self-reliance in the field of vial and ampoule manufacturing industry. Vials and ampoules are still indispensable to the national pharmaceutical industry, and there are opportunities for export. Also to increase local component for Indonesia product”.

Meanwhile, Desti in his speech stated Appreciation of for the signing MoU as prove of the synergy of SOEs,
we supposed to have a realization in both SOE synergi in the real project.


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