President Director of Bio Farma Exported Vaccines to PNG

By Bio Farma

(9/21) President Director of Bio Farma, M. Rahman Roestan accompanied by Sri Harsi Teteki, Director of Marketing exported Polio vaccine (bOPV 20ds) for shipping to Papua New Guinea, Friday afternoon, September 21st, 2018 in Bandung.

It is estimated that export sales until 2018 can reach USD 71.6 million. Vaccines to be exported in September to December consist of Vaccine of Polio, Measles, TT, DTP, Td, for developing countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sudan, Morocco and other countries, Rahman said.

Sri Harsi Teteki added, “Today’s delivery is the fulfillment of export commitments in September around USD 12 Million from the target in 2018 with a total of USD 71.6 million. “Almost every week we have export shipping activities, there are still many developing countries that need Bio Farma vaccine products.”

“In addition to the final vaccine product distributed through International Institutions such as UNICEF, PAHO; we also export in the form of bulk vaccines or intermediate products which will later be formulated and packaged into final vaccine products. Through bilateral and through several direct vaccine manufacturers.”

“Some manufacturers which buy bulk include vaccine manufacturers in India, companies in Belgium, Turkey, Mexico, Egypt, Thailand, the Philippines and several other countries. Exported bulk types such as bulk Polio, Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis, Measles.”

Rahman added, “We strive to pay attention to aspects of self-reliance, especially for raw materials for vaccine products. We continue to increase the level of domestic components (TKDN) in order to create self-reliance of national vaccine products, including our challenges in entering export destinations that have economic risks, political risks and infrastructure risks. Moreover, vaccine products require special handling from the start of the vaccine being sent from the factory until arriving at the customer, must be at a certain temperature.”

Meanwhile, Sri Harsi Teteki, Director of Marketing added about the diplomacy marketing strategy for increasing exports. “In 2018 we have communicated with several Ambassadors and collaborated with trade attachments and promotions that will be placed in several countries (ITPC – Indonesia Trade Promotion Center).”

Currently only around 30 vaccine manufacturers have obtained qualifications from the World Health Organization (WHO), one of them is Bio Farma. “We are the largest in Southeast Asia in terms of product type and capacity, as well as being a center of excellence reference for vaccine manufacturers in Islamic states. As an SOE, it has a very strategic role to participate in accelerating the development of the pharmaceutical industry and medical devices, in an effort to accelerate and self-reliance of the development of biopharmaceutical and vaccine products.

Among Islamic states that are members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, OIC, there are only seven countries that have vaccine manufacturers, and among the seven countries, only Indonesia has been recognized by the WHO for the basic immunization vaccine program, so that Indonesia through Bio Farma has been trusted to be an OIC CoE (Organization of Islamic Cooperation – Center of Excellence) for vaccine and biotechnology products.

Even Saudi Arabia has requested cooperation in vaccine distribution and transfer of vaccine technology to meet the basic immunization vaccines needed in the Gulf state region. With Bio Farma being trusted as the leading vaccine center for Islamic states, there has been an increase in exports to Saudi Arabia and OIC member states in the last three years, recorded export shipments of USD 11 million in 2015, increasing to USD 22 million in 2016 and USD 31 million in 2017, Sri Harsi Teteki said.

“With a total production capacity of more than 2 billion doses per year. The production composition is 60 percent each for domestic needs and 40 percent for export needs.


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Bio Farma is a state-owned manufacturer of Vaccines and Antisera, currently developing into a Life science company, established on August 6th, 1890. For 128 years of establishment Bio Farma has contributed to improving the quality of life of the nation, both in Indonesia and abroad. More than 140 countries have used Bio Farma Vaccine products, especially developing countries, and 50 of them are countries that are members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

With a production capacity of more than 2 billion doses per year, it is the largest in Southeast Asia. Bio Farma has fulfilled the needs of National vaccines, including the need for vaccines for Pilgrims of Hajj and Umrah, as well as world vaccine needs through WHO and UNICEF.

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