(English) Bio Farma is Trusted by the Vaccine Manufacturers of Developing and Islamic Countries

By biofarma

Hanoi, Vietnam, October 7-9, 2013, the 14th annual general meeting of the  DCVMN (Developing Countries Vaccine Manufacturers Network) was held. Vabiotech Vietnam was the host of this routine annual meeting. Indonesia was trusted to lead the DCVMN through Mahendra Suhardono, the Marketing Director of Bio Farma, as the DCVMN President of 2012-2014. The 14th DCVMN was attended by 200 participants consisted of representatives of 38 vaccine manufacturers from 14 countries, also International organizations such as UNICEF, GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccine Initiative) and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. On that occasion, Bio Farma urged the developing countries to enhance the partnership within the field of vaccine, both on the final product and the intermediate product (bulk).

According to M. Rahman Rustan, the Corporate Secretary of Bio Farma, the DCVMN meeting was a sharing event about technology development and global issues for the developing countries to be able to anticipate and the establishment of trust and bilateral partnership. For instance, Vietnam has requested Bio Farma for assistance of Pentabio (Diptheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Hepatitis B and Haemophilus influenza type B) Vaccine supply, that moreover, the trustworthiness from the national agencies such as GAVI, UNICEF and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has been obtained.

Though that the vaccine manufacturers fellow are competing each other, Bio Farma is not worried for losing the market because the development of the disease pattern is always emerging. Furthermore, the obligation of the communicable diseases eradication does not only occur in one country. For instance, the gathering of hajj pilgrims in one point could be potentially able to infect the virus and bacteria that leads to huge needs of the vaccine supply that has not been able to be fulfilled yet by only one company. Thus, it requires each other’s support for the vaccine supply.

Related to the corona virus, Rahman added that the virus’ ability to mutate is very fast while the required time for the new vaccine research is 12 years. We have to be brave to acquire the synergy and research collaboration that currently is owned by countries with research potential such as Malaysia, Iran and Pakistan.

Furthermore, on the 4th week of this October 2013, Bio Farma will also be the speaker for the Islamic countries meeting (Organization Islamic Cooperation- OIC) in Jakarta. Indonesia, through Bio Farma, is the only one from 57 Islamic countries who has obtained the pre qualification from WHO (World Health Organization) for its 12 products. Obtaining the pre qualification from WHO is not an easy matter, it requires the quality management system to fulfill the strict standard, there is also procedure changes on the certain reporting mechanism besides the international standard products, facilities, buildings, lay out and qualified employees. (CC-BF)