Indonesia Has Become a Vaccine Production Center for Islamic States

By Bio Farma

JAKARTA – “Indonesia has been appointed as a vaccine production center designated by Islamic states to create halal vaccines. Even in Saudi Arabia immunization obligations have been implemented. Even Saudi Arabia will also increase the supply of vaccines from Indonesia, so it is the trust of Islamic states to look for halal vaccines,” said President Director of PT Bio Farma M Rahman Roestan in the Forum Merdeka Barat (FMB) 9 Media Discussion with the theme “The Long Way of MR Vaccine MUI Fatwa”, located in the Multifunction Hall of the Ministry of Communication and Information, Jakarta, Tuesday (09/18/2018).

“We also seek referrals from friends from Islamic states. To date the MR vaccine in Indonesia is the only one recognized by WHO. I want to share about the safety and quality of vaccines. The only vaccine industry in Indonesia is only Bio Farma and it is 100% government property. PT Bio Farma has received WHO recognition. The basic immunization vaccine has been supplied and produced by PT Bio Farma, and many more vaccines are still in the development stage,” Roestan said again.

He added, so long is the process of researching a vaccine that can reach 15-20 years for a new vaccine. The stages of the new vaccine research need to have clinical track to animals, then the experimental circle phase 1,2,3 is implemented to humans. Security has been guaranteed because it has received recognition from WHO.

“How can we create an immune system? So when the virus has been weakened, the human body will actively form antibodies which then can cause immunity when there are bacteria. There is group immunity, so when many people are not immunized it will spread and will be transmitted to many people. When many people have been immunized when exposed to a virus, it will not spread. We have an obligation to look for halal vaccines,” Roestan concluded.

Minister of Health Nila F Moeloek, Head of the National Agency of Drug And Food Control (BPOM) Penny K Lukito, and General Chairman of the Indonesian Religious Leader KH Ma’ruf Amin also attended as resource person in FMB 9 this time.

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