Flubio Influenza HA Vaccines

Influenza HA vaccine is a clear or slightly turbid suspension, containing haemagglutinin from influenza virus antigen. Influenza HA vaccine is a suspension for injection.

This vaccine is seasonal, strains of viruses produced are in accordance to WHO recommendation for Northern Hemisphere. Stimulate the body to produce antibodies against influenza.

Each dose of vaccine (0.5 mL) contains strain of:
• A / H1N1            15 μg HA
• A / H3N2           15 μg HA
• B                          15 μg HA
• Thimerosal         4 μg


Vaccine is recommended to prevent illness against influenza virus for high risk people.


  • Influenza vaccine should be given to healthy person above 12 years of age.
  • It is given 0.5 mL per dose intramuscularly to deltoid muscle. 
  • Influenza is naturally seasonal, vaccine is recommended to be given once a year.

In certain individuals may cause:

Mild complaints, which generally disappear after 1-2 days after treatment, such as:
• Local reaction: pain and redness at the injection site
• Systemic reactions: fever, muscle aches, fatigue.

Severe and rare complaints, such as:
• Anaphylactic shock reaction
• Although very rare, the risk of Guillain-Barré syndrome may be slightly elevated in recipients
influenza immunization compared with people who are not immunized, although the mechanism is unknown.

Vaccines should not be used under the following circumstances:
• egg allergies, chicken proteins or vaccine components
• in cases of high fever, convulsions or acute infections, vaccination should be delayed.

• Immunologic response may not arise in patients in immunosuppressive treatment.
• To avoid possible interactions with some medicinal products, use of other medications should be consulted with a physician.

• FLUBIO (Influenza HA Vaccine) should be stored at a temperature between + 2 ° C to + 8 ° C.
• Avoid direct sunlight.
• Expiration of 12 months.

Vaccine use in double-dose vials that have been opened Influenza HA vaccine in double-dose vial packs taken one or more doses for immunization can be stored and used for the next immunization session for up to 4 weeks, if all required conditions are met.


Box: 2 Vials @ 0.5 mL (1 dose)

Box: 2 Vials @ 2.5 mL ( 5 doses)