Measles Vaccines


Measles vaccine is an attenuated live vaccine. It is a yellowish freeze-dried vaccine in glass vial, which must be reconstituted only with diluent provided separately by PT Bio Farma. This vaccine is prepared for injection.

Each dose (0.5 mL) of reconstituted vaccine contains:
Active ingredients:
             • Measles Virus CAM 70 strain not less than 1,000 CCID50 (Cell Culture                              Infective Doses 50)
             • Kanamycin sulphate not more than 100 mcg
             • Erythromycin not more than 30 mcg
Diluent contains:
              • Water for injection

Active immunization against Measles infection.

Stimulates the body to produce antibody against Measles.


  • Vaccine is reconstituted with diluent provided by PT Bio Farma, 5 mL for 10 doses vial and 10 mL for 20 doses vial.
  • The immunization consists of a single 0.5 mL dose, which is injected subcutaneously, preferably in the upper arm.
  • The vaccine is given to infants 9 months of age.
  • In endemic area, immunization may be given for infants at 6 months of age, followed by subsequent immunization six months later, with one dose of 0.5 mL subcutaneously.

Measles vaccine may cause a mild pain and abscess at the site of injection, which occur 24 hours after vaccination.

Fever occurred in 5-15 % cases (for 1-2 days), usually 8-10 days after vaccination. Rash occurred in 2 % cases (for 2 days), usually 7-10 days after vaccination.

Encephalitis had been reported (one case per 1 million doses administered), febrile convulsion (one case per 3000 doses administered).


  • There are few contraindications to the administration of measles vaccine. It is particularly important to immunize children with malnutrition.
  • The vaccine should not be given to; person who is allergic to previous measles administration, pregnant women (the effects of measles to fetus have not been known), persons who have severe allergic to kanamycin and erythromycin, children with acute infection along with fever, children with immunologic deficiency, children with intensive treatment of immunosuppressive, person who is hypersensitive to egg protein.

Not reported


  • Protect from light, since measles vaccine is sensitive to ultraviolet light
  • The vaccine must be administered subcutaneously. Do not inject intrave- nously.
  • When children have received immu- noglobulin or blood transfusion, vac- cination should be postponed at least for 3 months
  • After immunization, tuberculin test should be postponed for 2 months, since it may result in false negative reaction.


  • Freeze-dried measles vaccine must be stored at temperatures between +2°C to +8°C.
  • The vials of vaccine and the diluent should be transported together. However the diluent must not be frozen; it should be kept at room temperature.
  • The vaccine must be protected from light.
  • Expiry date 2 years.
  • Once reconstituted, measles vaccine should be used immediately or within 6 hours, and the remaining vial vaccine must be discarded.


  • Box: 10 vials vaccine @ 10 doses + box
    diluent @ 10 ampoules @ 5 mL
  • Box: 10 vials vaccine @ 20 doses + box
    diluent @ 10 ampoules @ 10 mL