Santri of Al-Ikhlas Islamic Boarding School Kuningan Got Flu Vaccine

By Bio Farma

(Kuningan-7/28) Bio Farma, through its Teaching Community program, conducted a socialization program on the health and importance of vaccines to santri and santriwati of Al-Ikhlas Modern Islamic Boarding School in Kuningan, West Java.

The event which was held on July 28th, 2018, was opened by the Leader of Al Ikhlas Modern Islamic Boarding School. K.H. Moh. Tata Taufik.

In his remarks K.H Moh Tata said, “The Vaccine is like that we, constructing the destiny of Allah, from being sick to being healthy, this means that prevention is better than cure,” said KH Tata.

Tata added that a vaccine was one of the ways or process of health care that is medically and scientifically proven, and Islam knows the concept, one of the steps that we must go through to get healthy is by vaccines giving.

Director of Human Resources & General of Bio Farma, Disril Revolin Putra, in his speech inspired the students to continue to pursue the ideals, through worship, learning based on the arguments of Al Quran and Hadith

Disril added that the program aimed to improve public access to vaccines, resulting in equal distribution of vaccines in all regions, to support national immunization coverage.

In the roadshow this time, donation was also given in the form of flu vaccinations for santri and Islamic boarding school chaplains as many as 230 doses.

This activity is a continuation of the Healthy Santri Road Show activity held in April – May 2018. The activities were carried out in East Java and Central Java provinces in four boarding schools including Mambaus Sholihin Islamic Boarding School, Gresik, then to Tebu Ireng Islamic Boarding School Jombang, Pabelan Islamic Boarding School Magelang, and As Salam Islamic Boarding School Solo.

This Healthy Santri Road Show Activity aimed to the students and teachers and boarding school administrators get an educational picture of the importance of vaccines and maintain health in the pesantren environment.