Corporate Plan & Business Development Strategy

Business development and corporate planning strategy was aimed tointensify R&D activities to improve our product portfolio.


Human Capital & Innovation Strategy

Human capital and innovation strategy was aimed to develop various levels of the company, from process, product, to research to encourage tangible internal developments for our external shareholders.


Manufacture & Supply Chain Strategy

The main aim of the strategy was aimed to improve capacity by procuring production machinery, particularly for the fill & finish process. By taking advantage of information technology and ERP systems, we were able to improve our supply chain process to ensure the readiness of raw materials and thus ensure that vaccine production was on target and able to meet national and global demands.


Investment & Asset Management Strategy

Investment and asset management strategy was aimed to improve capacity and diversify our product portfolio by investing in new production infrastructure and land. Land for facilities was procured with regard to the environment.


Financial Support Strategy

Our financial strategy was supported by an integrated IT system at every level of the company.