The SOE Minister Regulation No: PER-01/ MBU/2011, The SOE Board of Directors are prohibited to conduct the conflict of interest action and to take the personal advantage, both directly and indirectly from the respective SOE’s decision making of its activites related to the valid income

The Manual of Conflic of Interest Treatment stipulated in Directorial Decree No: 07882/ DR/XII/2015 dated 30 December 2015, where the respective purpose and objective are to be a manual for Bio Farma’s employees to comprehend, to prevent and to treat the Conflict of Interest in the Company, as a manual for a strict action taken on Conflict of Interest in the Company and to realize the company management which is free from all the form of corruption, collution and nepotism.

Hal-hal yang harus perhatikan oleh Dewan Komisaris, Direksi, insan Bio Farma dan Pemegang Saham dalam menjalankan tugas dan kewajibannya

Anggota Dewan Komisaris dan Direksi serta insan Bio Farma senantiasa mendahulukan kepentingan ekonomis Perusahaan diatas kepentingan ekonomis pribadi atau keluarga, maupun pihak lainnya

Anggota Dewan Komisaris dan Direksi serta insan Bio Farma dilarang menyalahgunakan jabatan untuk kepentingan atau keuntungan pribadi, keluarga dan pihak-pihak lain

Dalam hal pembahasan dan pengambilan keputusan yang mengandung unsur benturan kepentingan, pihak yang bersangkutan tidak diperkenankan ikut serta.

Pemegang saham yang mempunyai benturan kepentingan harus mengeluarkan suaranya
dalam Rapat Umum Pemegang Saham (RUPS) sesuai dengan keputusan yang diambil oleh pemegang saham yang tidak mempunyai benturan kepentingan

Setiap anggota Dewan Komisaris dan Direksi yang memiliki wewenang pengambilan keputusan diharuskan setiap tahun membuat pernyataan tidak memiliki benturan kepentingan terhadap setiap keputusan yang telah dibuat olehnya.


All members of the Bio Farma Board of Directors have signed a Statement of No Conflict of Interest made on March 6th 2017.

In order to uphold the Good Corporate Governance (GCG) in PT Bio Farma (Persero), I hereby declare that:

  1. have never done any despicable acts in banking, finance and other businesses, has never been convicted of felony nor received any sanctions which prohibit me from taking part as the Company’s management, as stipulated in the prevailing rules and regulations.
  2. am able to perform legal actions and has never been declared bankrupt or become a member of the Board of Directors or Board of Commissioners that were found guilty of causing a company to be declared bankrupt by a court decision in the last 5 years before the date of my appointment.
  3. am willing to not hold other positions as:
    • Member of Board of Directors in another SOE, Regional SOE, Private Owned Enterprises, and other positions which may cause conflict of interest;
    • Other positions in accordance with the prevailing regulations.

  4. shall fully implement the principles of good corporate governance that emphasizes the principles of transparency, accountability, responsibility, independence, and fairness in the management of the Company.


  5. do not have a relationship in the management, ownership and/or finances of the entire business group of the Shareholders of similar companies.
  6. will not perform transactions in any form, either directly or indirectly through another party where I or my family has an interest in, or may benefit from.
  7. will not serve as a member of the board of any political parties and/or candidates/members of the legislature and/or the candidate or the Head/ Deputy Head of Local Government.
  8. am not be related by blood to the 3rd degree either vertically or horizontally or as a result of marriage with any members of the Board of Directors or the Board of Commissioners.
  9. will wholeheartedly avoid any conflict of interest that may affect the decision-making process in the Company’s operations.
  1.  A situation which caused an individual received a graft or a gift presentation for a decision/ a position.
  2. A situation which abused the Company asset/ position for personal/ group interest.
  3. A situation which caused the missuse of Company’s information/ official position confidentiality for personal/ group interest.
  4. Double positions in several companies which were directly/ indirectly related or had the similar/ not similar activities, that caused the taking advantange for such positions regarding the Company’s business.
  5. A situation where a Bio Farma’s employee provided a special access to certain parties without a proper standard procedures.
  6. A situation which casued the supervisory process was incomplied because of persuasion and expectation from the parties who observe or being observed
  7. A situation where the assessment of results which had been accomplished by the respective Bio Farma’s employee
  8. A position/ authority abuse
  9. A previlage information provided for a certain parties to win a goods/ services procurement bidding process.
  10. Moonlighting

The Form of Conflict of Interest in Bio Farma

  • The policies of Bio Farma's employees which are in favor of influence, close relations, dependency, and / or granting clemency
  • Provision of permits, recommendations and / or approval from Bio Farma Personnel who are discriminatory.
  • The appointment of Bio Farma Personnel is based on close relationship / remuneration / recommendations / influence from other Bio Farma Personnel or other parties who violate the procedure.
  • Selection of Business Partners by Bio Farma Personnel based on unprofessional decisions.
  • Using Company assets and confidential information for personal gain.
  • Melakukan penilaian atas pengaruh pihak lain dan tidak sesuai norma, standar, dan prosedur.


  1. Insan Bio Farma harus menghindarkan diri dari sikap, perilaku, dan tindakan yang dapat mengakibatkan Benturan Kepentingan.
  2. lnsan Bio Farma yang berpotensi dan atau telah berada dalam situasi Benturan Kepentingan DILARANG untuk meneruskan kegiatan/ melaksanakan tugas dan tanggung jawabnya tersebut. Selanjutnya yang bersangkutan harus mengungkapkan kejadian/keadaan Benturan Kepentingan yang dialami/diketahui dan tidak boleh berpartisipasi dalam pengambilan keputusan.
  3. Perangkapan Jabatan yang berpotensi terjadinya Benturan Kepentingan oleh lnsan Bio Farma dimungkinkan untuk dilaksanakan selama terdapat kebijakan dan peraturan Perusahaan yang mengatur mengenai hal tersebut.
  4. lnsan Bio Farma yang berpotensi dan atau telah berada dalam situasi Benturan Kepentingan wajib membuat dan menyampaikan Surat Pernyataan Potensi Benturan Kepentingan terhadap kondisi tersebut kepada atasan langsung.
  5. Pimpinan unit kerja dan atas langsung harus mengendalikan dan menangani Benturan Kepentingan secara memadai.


The Mechanism of Conflict of Interest Report Should there is a situation of Conflict of Interest, then the Employee is obliged to report such occurrence through :

  1. Immediate Superior The report to immediate superior is effective for internal Bio Farma’s employee who has directly involved or potentially involved in Conflict of Interest situation. Such report conducted by submitting the Statement Letter of Potential Conflict of Interest to immediate superior.
  2. The Whistle Blowing System aThe whistle blowing system has been conducted by the internal Employee or other parties (customers, business partners or publics) who was not directly involved to such situation but acknowledged such occurance or potential conflict of interest; The whistle blowing system has been conducted in accordance with the specific mechanism which ranged the system in the Company; cSuch above report should be based on goodwill and has not a personal complaints of the Company policy or not.based on bad intention/ slender.