mplementing GCG best practices consistently and continuously is Bio Farma's full commitment to running the Company. Bio Farma's commitment to cultivating GCG best practices is actualized by continuing to accommodate dynamic changes and being open to new concepts. Therefore, the existence of the Good Corporate Governance as a policy that is deemed necessary to continue to be updated periodically and adapted to developments and internal and external issues of the Company. The Good Corporate Governance is outlined in a Joint Decree of the Board of Commissioners and Directors Number: KEP-04 / DK / BF / II / 2013 Number: 01023 / DIR / II / 2013 dated February 22nd 2013 concerning Guidelines for the Implementation of Good Corporate governance at PT Bio Farma (Persero).

The Good Corporate Governance process in Bio Farma is as follows:

Proses Penerapan Tata Kelola Perusahaan

Activities that reflect GCG implementation


The Compliance & Risk Management Division functions to control and ensure the policies, decisions of the Company, and all of the Company's activities in accordance with legal and statutory regulations and to monitor and maintain the Company's compliance with all agreements and commitments made by the Company with third parties and to follow the development of regulations of legislation that applies and would apply to the Company.


The company has a value-added relationship for the Company and Stakeholders.


The company sets KPI to increase shareholder value consistently and sustainably.


The CSR and General Division performs functions to carry out the Company's social and environmental responsibilities.


The company is managed by paying attention to occupational safety and health and environmental preservation.


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Directors and officials in the Company are prohibited from taking actions that have a conflict of interest and taking personal advantage, both directly and indirectly from decision making and Company activities.


The Board of Directors reports relevant information to the Shareholders and the Board of Commissioners in the Management Report (quarterly and annually) and the Annual Report to the Board of Commissioners and Shareholders in a timely manner.


The Internal Audit Unit (SPI) plans an annual internal work program of supervision and carries out supervision as prescribed, reports the implementation of its duties to the President Director with copies to the Board of Commissioners cq Audit Committee, contributes to the improvement of governance processes, risk management and internal control, provides input on efforts to achieve the Company's business strategy, and monitors follow-up of recommendations on internal and external supervision results.


The Corporate Secretary ensures that the Company complies with the rules regarding disclosure requirements in line with the implementation of GCG principles, provides information needed by the Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners on a regular basis or at any time when requested, as a liaison officer, administering and storing Company documents including but not limited to the List of Shareholders, Special List and messages of Board of Directors meetings, Board of Commissioners and GMS meetings, and holding an introduction program for newly appointed members of the Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners.


The Company establishes the Company's information control procedures.