• 6 August 1890

    Bio Farma was established under the name of Parc Vaccinogene” on 6 August 1890 based on the Decree of the Governor of the Dutch Indies No. 14 of 1890, in the Weltervreden Military Hospital, Batavia, which now function as the military Hospital (RSPAD) Gatot Soebroto, Jakarta.

  • 1895-1901

    The Company’s name was changed to “Parc Vaccinogene en Instituut Pasteur.”

  • 1902 - 1941

    The Company changed its name again to “Landskoepoek Inrichting en Instituut Pasteur.” In 1923, Bio Farma was relocated in Jalan Pasteur No. 28 Bandung, and led by L. Otten.

  • 1942 - 1945

    During the Japanese occupation, Bio Farma changed its name to “Bandung Boeki Kenkyusho” and was led by Kikuo Kurauchi.

  • 1945 - 1946

    The Indonesian name of “Gedung Cacar and Lembaga Pasteur” was attributed to the Company, which was then led by R.M. Sardjito, the first Indonesian officer who led the Company. Under his leadership, the head office was moved to Klaten.

  • 1946 -1949

    During the Military Aggression, when Bandung was taken over by the Dutch army, the Company changed its name once more to “Landskoepoek Inrichting en Instituut Pasteur.”

  • 1950 - 1954

    The Company changed its name again to “Gedung Cacar and Lembaga Pasteur”, and was one of the institutionsunder the auspices of the Ministry of Health of the of Republic Indonesia.

  • 1955 - 1960

    During the nationalization of Dutch companies in Indonesia, the Company later changed its name to “State Company Pasteur”The Company was then more popularly known as PN.Pasteur.

  • 1961 - 1978

    Company renamed to “State Bio Farma Company”, or better known as PN. Bio Farma.

  • 1978 - 1996

    Based on Government Regulation No. 26/1978, the Company changed i name to Bio Farma public company, better known as Perum Bio Farma

  • 1997

    Based on Government Regulation No. 1 1997, the Company name changed to Perum Bio Farma (Persero), known today as PT Bio Farma(Persero). The Company is under own state enterprise

  • 1997 - 2011

    Bio Farma succeeded in obtaining WHO Prequalification for 12 types of vaccines, marking WHO’s approval for entering global market.

  • 2008

    The launch of a new logo reflected the spirit and optimism towards entry into the world class vaccine industry.

  • 2009

    Under the new management team, Bio Farma stepped forward as a worldclass vaccine company with global competitiveness.

  • 2013

    The Roadmap towards the Lifescience industry began. Launching of the latest Pentavalent vaccine (Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Hepatitis B, HiB) and the launching of a national immunization program.

  • 2014

    Enhancement of a new Vision,“To be a World Class Lifescience Company with Global Competitiveness”.

  • 2015

    Inauguration of the new Heritage Building and Bio Farma Museum.

  • 2016

    Expansion of the National Vaccine Research Forum (NVRF) into the National Life Sciences Research Forum (NLSRF).