The following is the Explanation of the Halal Certification Process regarding MR (Measles and Rubella) Vaccines:


  1. The Halalness of vaccines are an important concern for Bio Farma Management.
  2. Vaccines used in phase 1 and 2 MR immunization programs in Indonesia, come from vaccine manufacturers from India.
  3. The MR vaccine made by Bio Farma is still in the research stage.
  4. At present there is only one MR vaccine manufacturer that has fulfilled the requirements seen from, product safety, quality and efficacy according to the standards of the World Health Organization (WHO).
  5. In accordance with applicable rules, submission of halal certification, must be submitted by the manufacturer or manufacturer of vaccines MR.
  6. Bio Farma has contacted the MR vaccine manufacturer, to file a halal certification process.
  7. The Bio Farma Halal Team has visited the vaccine manufacturers in India, and has submitted an explanation of the procedures for halal certification in Indonesia.
  8. The vaccine certification process requires time and needs a deep understanding of Indonesia's halal criteria.
  9. As for the halal certification of Bio Farma Products, it is carried out in stages, currently the BCG vaccine produced by Bio Farma has been submitted for registration and is awaiting an audit process from LPPOM MUI.
  10. Bio Farma continues to consult and coordinate with the Ministry of Health and MUI.