Recombinant HEPATITIS B Vaccine

Hepatitis B vaccine recombinant contains a non infectious hepatitis B viral antigen, HBsAg, which is produced in yeast cell using recombinant DNA technology. Hepatitis B vaccine is a whitish sterile suspension in prefill injection device, packed in aluminum foil pouch, and vial.


Hepatitis B Vaccine recombinant is indicated for active immunization against infection caused by hepatitis B virus. The vaccine will not protect against infection caused by other agents, such as hepatitis A virus, hepatitis C virus or other viruses known to infect the liver. The vaccine can be administered at any age from birth onwards. Vaccination is recommended in persons who are or will be at risk of infection with hepatitis B virus. These include :

  • Health care professionals
    Oral surgeons, dentists, physicians and surgeons, dental nurses, dental hygienist, paramedical professionals in close contact with patients, staff in haemodialysis, haematology and oncology units, laboratory personnel handling blood and other clinical specimens, morticians and embalmers, blood bank and plasma fractionation workers, chiropodist, cleaning staff in hospitals handling waste, emergency and first aid workers, ambulance staff.
  • Patients
    Patients receiving frequent blood transfusions or clotting factor concen- trates such as patients  in haemodialysis and oncology units, thalassaemics, sickle-cell anaemics, cirrhotics and haemophiliacs, etc.
  • Personnel and residents of institu- tions
    Persons who frequent and/or close contact  with high risk groups; prisoners and prison staff; residents and staff of institutions for the mentally handicapped.
  • Persons   at   increased   risk   due   to their sexual activities
    Sexually promiscuous   persons,  persons who repeatedly contact  sexually transmitted disease, homosexually active males, prostitutes.
  • Illicit  users  of  addictive  injectable drugs
  • Travellers   to   high   endemic   areas and their close contact
  • Family member contacts of any of the above groups and of patients with acute or chronic Hepatitis B infection
  • Infants born from Hepatitis B carrier mothers.