Bivalen Type 1 & 3 Oral Poliomyelitis Vaccines

The live types 1 & 3 oral polio vaccine (bOPV) is a bivalent vaccine containing suspension of types 1 & 3 attenuated Polio viruses (Sabin strains), prepared in primary monkey kidney cell. Each dose (2 drops = 0.1 mL) contains not less than 106.0 infective units of type 1 and 105.8 of type 3. Sucrose is used as stabilizer. bOPV may contain trace amounts of not more than 2 mcg Erythromycin and not more than 10 mcg Kanamycin.


  • bOPV must only be administered orally. Two drops are delivered directly into the mouth from the multidose vial by dropper. Care should be taken not to contaminate a multidose dropper with saliva of the vaccinee.
  • Once opened, multi-dose vials should be kept between +2°C to +8°C.
  • Multi-dose  vials  of  bOPV  from  which one or more doses of vaccine have been removed during an immunization session may be used in subsequent immunization session for up to a maximum of 4 weeks, provided that all of following conditions are met (as described in the WHO policy statement: The use of opened multi-dose vials in subsequent immunization sessions. WHO/V&B/00.09), see page 83.