Ease for

The program is aimed to open healthcare access to those in remote areas and to those that need healthcare facilities and vaccination.

Improved access to vaccination and healthcare aims to provide extensive vaccination, health education, improve nutrition for infants and children, and open vaccination and tourist community health centers.

Our Commitment


The management commitment and responsibility of Bio Farma in supporting access to vaccines is cooperating with other institutions, for example synergizing with universities, provincial governments and international institutions.


Bio Farma is committed to engaging with policy makers and the general public about matters affecting access to vaccination. That is by providing product knowledge training, new vaccine research, clinical meetings, distributor meeting and national immunization meetings.

Pricing, manufacturing and distribution

Bio Farma is committed to pricing policies, supply chains and registration. Vaccine products produced are high quality and affordable for developing countries. Bio Farma also guarantees the safety, quality and efficacy of a product.


Bio Farma is committed to prioritizing research and development of new vaccines aimed at diseases that have the highest priority in developing countries.

Patent and Licence

The vaccine product produced is now a generic product to meet the needs and facilitate access to medicines, and Bio Farma's products have obtained an international license in the form of WHO's Pre-Qualification (PQ) certification.

Capabiltiy advancement in product development

Bio Farma has been appointed as a Center of Excellence for the development and distribution of vaccines, both in developing countries and Islamic countries with the expertise and experience of Bio Farma so that it is trusted to transfer technology to vaccine products for developing countries and Islamic countries.

product donation and philantropic activities

Bio Farma has conducted Philanthropy activities according to the needs of the community, both around the company, regionally, nationally and internationally. Example:

- Free vaccination

- Improving the quality of clean water

- Nutrition Improvement Hospital

- Healthy cars and Bio Farma ambulance


Customer Responsbility

     With the characteristics of the Vaccine Industry that is "High Regulated and High Risk" requires continuous efforts to improve services to consumers. Bio Farma carries out various quality control (QC) procedures and ensures quality assurance consistently and continuously. Quality control and quality assurance are monitored closely continuously by the National Regulatory Authority (NRA) which is recognized by WHO or in Indonesia known as the Drug and Food Control Agency (BPOM).

     Vaccine manufacturing through a series of processes that are quite long by obeying aspects of the Clinical lots procedure, Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP), Quality Control (QC) and Quality Service (QS). Before entering the stage of commercial production, three stages of strict clinical trials were carried out. Therefore, before vaccine products are marketed, regulations and ethics regarding the health and safety impacts of vaccine products have been fulfilled. The Company's policy on consumers is stated in the Code of Business Conduct, which provides products and services that are of high quality and safe in their use, provide good services and are fair and without favoritism to consumers / customers and promote products properly and correctly. Bio Farma has never violated the rules for marketing communications through advertising, promotion or sponsorship. Bio Farma's largest market segmentation in the country is the Ministry of Health, which is a buyer of vaccine products to be distributed through the Health Office in 34 provinces in Indonesia. In addition Bio Farma also provides direct immunization services for individuals at the immunization center located in the company's environment, as well as immunization services to company employees through a mechanism of cooperation with several institutions / companies (private sector).

     In product marketing and sales activities, both to the government sector and the private sector, Bio Farma has never violated legal provisions related to anti-competition and monopolistic practices. Likewise in the process of procuring goods and services by consumers, we do not use approaches outside the norms of decency, regulations and legislation in force.

      Bio Farma provides a consumer complaint service to follow up on any consumer complaints. Bio Farma continues to socialize the AEFI (Adverse Events Following Immunization) reporting mechanism to distributors, doctors and health workers so that the appointed independent team can proceed to follow any complaint immediately.

      However, Bio Farma has never received complaints regarding violations in providing product information or violations of privacy. In addition, Bio Farma also has a corporate blog with the address www.infoimunisasi.com and social media Facebook and Twitter which allows to provide 24-hour service to receive complaints from consumers quickly. In addition, the Company provides access to communication through the following communication channels:


Access to Communication

  • Corporate Secretary: bambang.heri@biofarma.co.id
  • Website: www.biofarma.co.id
  • Menu Customer Care
  • Portal: www.bumn.go.id/biofarma
  • Corporate blog: www.infoimunisasi.com
  • Tel.: 62 22 2033755, ext. 254, 255
  • Fax.: 62 22 2041306
  • Email: mail@biofarma.co.id
  • Facebook: infoimunisasi
  • Twitter: @biofarmaID dan @infoimunisasi

Pengawasan Jaminan & Mutu

      Bio Farma secara konsisten dan berkesinambungan melakukan pengawasan dan jaminan mutu dengan menerapkan Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), Good Laboratory Practices (GLP), Good Regulatory Practices (GRP), Good Clinical Practices (GCP), Good Distribution Practices (GDP), ISO 9001, ISO 14001 dan OHSAS 18001. Prosedur pengawasan dan jaminan mutu ini dipantau secara ketat oleh National Control Authority (NCA) yang diakui oleh badan kesehatan dunia (WHO), atau di Indonesia dikenal dengan Badan Pengawasan Obat dan Makanan (BPOM).


PharmacovigilanceBIOFARMA Company works in the sphere, which cares for the main human values, i.e. health and life.

Marketing network

Bio Farma is committed to improving services to public health and treatment through the Access to Medicine & Healthcare program both domestically and abroad.

Provision and distribution could contact

  • Jalan Pasteur No.28
  • Bandung West Java Indonesia 40161
  • Phone : +62 22 2033755
  • Fax : +62 22 2041306
  • mail@biofarma.co.id