Geo Diversity

Bio Farma as an industry player has the responsibility to always maintain and control the impact of operational activities on the environment. Bio Farma is committed to being a green industry, by carrying out business processes that are environmentally friendly, effective and efficient in the sustainable use of energy and natural resources, and could benefit the community.

Geo Diversity
Bio Diversity

Bio Diversity

We carry out various nature conservation programs such as planting trees in disaster-prone areas, making infiltration wells, soil conservation and springs, all of which aim to conserve biodiversity. Sustainably. Bio Farma is very intense in conserving germplasm such as breeding of shallot, Garut sheep, cauliflower and other horticultural products. Next year, we plan to be involved in the protection program of primates such as Orang Utan, Lutung, Long Tailed Macaques, and Javan Gibbons at the Cikananga wildlife reserve.

Cultural Diversity

Cultural-Diversity (keanekaragaman budaya) melalui aktivitas mempertahankan keanekaragaman budaya dan kearifan lokal. Biofarma senantiasa mendukung program-program dan menjaga keragaman budaya di lingkup Biofarma maupun lingkup luar dengan beragam kegiatan untuk melestarikan kebudayaan Indonesia.

Cultural Diversity

Komitmen CSR Bio Farma

      Bio Farma shows its commitment in CSR activities by adopting international standards, namely ISO 26000:2010 Guidance on social responsibility. This commitment is inseparable from the awareness of the importance of implementing business conduct ethics in the management of companies that are expected to create and develop a good Corporate Culture.

      Corporate social responsibility is a form of awareness of Bio Farma as an effort to improve its relationship with the community and its environment. Bio Farma's concern for social responsibility is inseparable from the fact that the social dimension influences every business activity. The company believes that the social dimension is not something separate but goes hand in hand to improve the sustainability of the company's business processes.

      CSR is the operation of Bio Farma's business process that is committed not only to increase the company's profit financially, but to develop an integrated and sustainable socio-economic area.

       Bio Farma applies three main approaches in carrying out CSR activities, namely Biodiversity, Geodiversity and Culturediversity. Bio Farma maintains breeding for each species developed, protects all forms of diversity in biological resources, and preserves all forms of cultural heritage of the people.


Five Pillars of CSR Priority


To improve the economic capacity of the community and to strengthen the growth potential of small businesses through partnership programs to provide benefits to all parties, thus creating community independence through SMEs.


Bio Farma as an industry player has the responsibility to always maintain and control the impact of operational activities on the environment. Various awards received by Bio Farma regarding involvement in protecting the environment include: EHS, Gold Proper and OHS.


Bio Farma continues to maintain a harmonious relationship with the community and runs its pro-environment operations, by suppressing the lowest possible environmental impact. Various Bio Farma activities with the community include: social assistance, vaccine donations.


Bio Farma has responsibility for every Bio Farma vaccine product by educating and socializing products.


Bio Farma applies the work life balance concept to make every Biofarma employee have a balanced and quality work and life quality.

Bio Farma's CSR vision is "To be a company that has reliable, global reputable social responsibility in community development and the environment." With this vision, Bio Farma would like to realize social responsibility that is not just an obligation and set aside some profits for charity activities only. CSR is not just a member's activity short-term assistance that doesn't complete errors in society and the environment, but must be the activity that gives long-term and sustainable impacts for all stakeholders.

1. Social Responsibility (CSR) of Bio Farma focused on 4 priorities pillars, namely:  Health Sector ("Healthy with Bio Farma"), with efforts to improve the health standards of certain community groups such as reducing infant mortality, improving maternal and child health, eradicating infectious diseases and building health infrastructure.

2. Education Sector ("Smart with Bio Farma"), with efforts to improve the quality and level of public education focused on enhancing the skills of the patronized society.

3. Economics ("Independent with Bio Farma"), with community empowerment efforts to improve community economic capabilities and strengthen the potential of small-scale business growth through the partnership program to provide benefits to all parties.

4. Environment ("Green with Bio Farma"), with an effort to protect and maintain the quality of the environment both internally and externally to maintain a harmonious relationship between the company and the natural environment.


Regional targets The Bio Farma CSR program is divided into three regions, namely the people who live around Bio Farma. West Java citizens who live outside the area or who do not have direct contact with Bio Farma. Indonesian society.

Bio Farma also has a CSR program that targets remote, furthest, outermost regions. For domestic cooperation in the SOE Presents for the Country program and the role in the International in cooperate with international institutions (UNICEF).

One of Bio Farma's CSR focuses in 2016 is the development program of the GEOPARK area of Ciletuh Palabuhanratu which has received the title of National Geopark in West Java, and prepares for UNESCO visitation to enter into part of the UNESCO Global Geopark (UGG). With an intensive process, Bio Farma together with the Sukabumi District Government, the West Java Provincial Government, Padjadjaran University, local communities such as the Sukabumi Pakidulan Nature Union (PAPSI) and PALAPAH (Cultural Community) and the Media continue to work together to develop the area to succeed in becoming an UGG and include into selected tourist destinations in Indonesia and the world.

In 2016 Bio Farma also participated in the Global Geopark UNESCO Conference in Torquay UK and became the only industry and SOE representative who presented CSR specifically the role in the development and empowerment of communities in the geopark area of Ciletuh Palabuhanratu.

 We hold the principle that the more we operate and have a global perspective, but must prioritize local content and uphold local wisdom. Various international institutions such as UGG, said that Bio Farma is the only corporation that is very attentive and fully supports the Ciletuh Geopark recognition process to be recognized by UNESCO.

We also continue to help that the Ciletuh Geopark Region has the advantage of BioDiversity and Geo-diversity aspects, while the Cultural Diversity element is currently we are selecting Geopark arts and culture as well as typical culinary that could add to the attractiveness of national and international tourists and be able to develop the economy of the community, by always synergizing with communities like PALAPAH and PAPSI Community.


Building Community Independence

With core competencies in the field of biotechnology, Bio Farma designed the Biotech program for SMEs, which applies biotechnology appropriately to small and medium business (SME) businesses in the fields of fisheries, livestock, and nursery of medicinal plants and fruits. Biotech for SMEs was originated from Bio Farma's CSR philosophy to hook and tell how to fish and sell the results of the fishing rod. That is, Bio Farma carries out capacity buliding, building community skills. The following diagram shows how Bio Farma's core competencies could be applied in people's lives and provide solutions to the success of SMEs. We call it a solution for prosperity.

In addition to fulfilling the human rights aspects of the corporate environment, Bio Farma also realizes aspects of human rights related to several CSR programs that raise the rights of indigenous people and a positive impact by raising the rights of indigenous people. In CSR programs carried out in the target areas of the program which is a local community in the region is very concerned.

The involvement of women starts from planning to implementing the program. Bio Farma's CSR facilitates local women in developing businesses for sustainable livelihoods. Among others are the local culinary development program in the Ciletuh Palabuhanratu Geopark, the empowerment of women for The Village of Batik Pakidulan, the livestock waste bank development program in the Garut Sheep breeding program in Garut Regency involving the local Farmer Women Group, and the local agricultural Food Product Development Program in Jasinga District, Bogor.


The Best

“Bio Farma achieve the “Best Sustainability Report 2015 Category Manufactures,” presented by Chairman of the 2016 SRA Judging Panel Sarwono Kusumaatmadja to the Director of Production, Juliman.”

"On January 3rd, 2018, Bio Farma has received an appreciation in the form of an official letter from the Global Geopark Network (GGN) signed by Guy Martini as the Secretary General of GGN whose head office is in Paris. Geopark, Ciletuh, Palabuhanratu, officially set to meet the criteria as the Global Geopark, the determination will be made at the Executive Board session on April 4th-17th, 2018."