Our Commitment to Public Health

Bio Farma's Clinical and Immunization Unit is here to meet the community's need for excellent, affordable, and comprehensive health services. Bio Farma's Clinic and Immunization Unit is an integrated service between primary health promotive services, prevention through vaccination services, and curative health services (treatment).



Services of Vaccination, Laboratories and Health

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Bio Farma Clinic provides quality examination and treatment services to the community, and BPJS First Level Health Facility (FKTP) participants. Bio Farma Clinic has developed the concept of a family doctor in providing integrated health services, both promotive, preventive, curative, and rehabilitative for the community. Professional and friendly medical and paramedical personnel, as well as the support of comfortable and hygienic facilities make it our advantage to fulfill patient comfort and satisfaction in obtaining health services.



Bio Farma Pharmacy services provide excellent pharmaceutical service standards, provides drugs of the best quality, and provides good counseling to patients regarding drug education information, with the hope of assisting patients in managing drug use so that optimal health and recovery can be achieved.

Schedule of Immunization & Clinic Unit services, as follows

Immunization & Clinic Unit (Operational Opening Hours & Registration Opening Hours):

Operational Opening Hours:

(Monday - Friday)

07.10 WIB - 16.10 WIB

Registration Opening Hours

(Monday - Friday)

07.10 WIB - 16.10 WIB

Operational & Registration Opening Hours


08.00 WIB - 10.00 WIB

Immunization Schedule

Immunization & Clinic Unit (Operational Opening Hours & Registration Opening Hours):

All types of vaccinations (except Measles, BCG, MR and PPD):

(Monday - Friday)

07.10 WIB - 16.10 WIB

Measles & BCG Vaccination:


08.00 WIB - 16.10 WIB (Measles)

MR vaccination:


08.00 WIB - 11.00 WIB

PPD RT 23 2 UT:


13.00 WIB - 16.10 WIB


07.10 WIB - 11.00 WIB

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