As a state-owned company that is 129 years old, Bio Farma has gone through various dynamics and developments of the times. Gait in the vaccine industry is not spared from the steps of strategy and innovation. Not only successfully tested the business in the country, Bio Farma also has a name that counts in foreign countries.

Committed to follow the development of the pharmaceutical world, the company has launched a pentavalent vaccine product innovation with the trademark pentaBio Five in One. The contents consist of 5 antigens, namely DTP - HB - HIB (diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, hepatitis B and Haemophilus influenzae type B. After going through a variety of rigorous tests, finally this innovative product is patented in liquid form. Even its existence has been recognized by WHO.

There is a value of concern that Bio Farma also wants to transmit to the community. We will always be committed to produce products that are environmentally friendly, control pollution, make continuous improvements, and save energy and natural resources.

We are very concerned about the safety factor for consumers, every Bio Farma product that is equipped with vaccine vial monitor (VVM) technology. This sign plays a role in measuring the quality of the vaccine. So that if exposed to undue temperature, the color indication on the vaccine packaging will change color.

We also divide the product distribution channel into two sectors, namely the government and the private sector. For the government sector, the Bio Farma vaccine is sent directly from the factory to the provincial health office to be distributed again to the level of government hospitals, health center and integrated service post in each area.