The concept of a sustainable industrial green in all business processes includes product selection according to the criteria requirements for environmentally friendly operating activities which include the selection of raw materials, production processes, formulation of sustainable innovations in accordance with ISO 14001 standards, to produce various biotechnology-based products towards a sustainable green industry

Our commitment in quality and innovative products is reflected by our performance and adherence to the latest international quality standards and quality assurance management. Bio Farma has integrated several systems into its processes, among others Good Manufacturing Practices for Pharmaceuticals) by the National Agency of Food and Drug Control;currentGood Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) by the WHO; Good Laboratory Practices (GLP); Good Clinical Practices (GCP); Good Distribution Practices (GDP); ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2004, and OHSAS 18001:2007 on integrated management systems; ISO 26000 on guidance on social responsibility; ISO 31000 on enterprise risk management; and, International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS).

Vaccine Product Process

All the production processes to make Vaccine in Bio Farma are made through a very tight process and high standard. Started with raw material supplies, which came from the supplier partner who has a certain qualification, the production facility also needs to be validated including all tools and other supported materials, also the storage facility for end-user product and the distribution process has been tightly monitored to keep the consistency in quality, safety, and efectiveness factor of the product.

* This is a general production process, does not represent 1 type of a specific vaccine production process

Media Preparation
Taking the best virus/bacteria seeds so that the amount meets the needs of making vaccines.
2. Inoculation & Cultivation
Planting bacteria/viruses on a medium that has been purified.
3. Harvest
The process of harvesting viruses/bacteria grown on a certain amount of media.
Performing weakening/inactivation or bacteria
Purify the virus/bacteria that have grown in the purification process.
Formulate the purified bulk vaccine with additives.
Filling & Packaging
Filling the vaccine into the packaging. Labeling the vaccine packaging.
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