Why must Bio Farma's Industrial Microbiology Laboratory?

For more than two decades, Bio Farma's Industrial Microbiology Laboratory has supported Food Quality and Safety Management Systems through microbiological testing for food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, hotel catering, and other industries. we can also provide inspection services for raw food materials, final products, and food equipment.

Our reliable and up-to-date laboratory facilities are supported by experienced personnel in the field of microbiology who regularly participate in the International Laboratory Proficiency Testing Program.



Complete Certification Accreditation

Our Integrated Management System has received international recognition in the form of ISO 9001ISO 14001OHSAS 18001 and KAN 17025 accreditation so as to guarantee quality test results, pay attention to employee safety and health, and be environmentally friendly.

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Hight service and customer satisfaction are our concern.

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